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I tried to download a modpack utilizing the twitch launcher (modpack on 1.12.2), it wrestle and the minecraft launcher took like 10min to download 15mb,then a crash appeared saying that my connection was too gradual, so then i uninstalled the launcher and the ".minecraft" folder from my pc, i tried to install the minecraft yet again, it began like 2 sec as a fast obtain and then battle again on 5, 6kb per/s (additionally my web is 240/20) now i can't use the minecraft vanilla and even less the modpack itself, does anybody is having the same downside and understand how to fix it??- downloadpcObtain: Run HijackThis as Administrator, choose "I settle for", then "Do a system scan and save a log file". After a while a text file will open. Copy all the pieces, put the log on and give us the link. ALL ABOUT MINECRAFT here is the link avoid wasting time of typing all the issues along with your HJT log, i am going to simply leave the reply the bots reply to its analysis of the logDiscovered: Hamachi(VPN, Bad, Remove, Conflicts with internet itself), Overwolf(Previous variations crash, Fix: Update Overwolf), Discord(Flip off Discord Overlay, else disable Discord), Parsec(Sport streaming, VPN, Overlay), Radmin VPN(VPN), VPN(Any VPN)many vpn's are blocked on Mojangs programs, and tbh having a couple of running is pointless overkill- Out of the Water- Join Date: 4/22/2020- Posts: 4- Member DetailsTYSM, i started the download again, now it is far more sooner! 4com Thanks for serving to! Minecraft servers