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Minecraft has been around for a long time, and its popularity is growing. However since its launch on November 18 2011 many servers were added, removed, and forgotten. However, four servers have been with Minecraft throughout the 12 years it's been around, some riddled with chaos and drama and others a peaceful haven for those who want to be friends. DONALD, Australia. June 8, 2022/PRNewswire - PRWeb/ Position 1 - Novylen Date of Creation Date of Creation: April 9th, 2010, Created by: rbos Address: The Novylen Minecraft Server located in Canada is the official name of oldest Minecraft Server ever built, on April 9th the year 2010, four months earlier than the previous owner, MinecraftOnline. If you had read the previous articles you'll see that MinecraftOnline was released the day multiplayer was created and how was Novylen established earlier than this? Although the server was created on the same day Minecraft Multiplayer was released however, the map was designed by rbos during Minecraft's InfDev period (specifically InfDev 2010.0413), which was 4 months prior to the launch of Minecraft Multiplayer. In addition the server has never once been reset, meaning the player could have hopped onto the server over 10 years ago, built something, and left forever and their work being the sole evidence of their existence. Novylen is also from being as popular as 2b2t, which means that it hasn't endured the same fate of numerous glitches, hacks, and adversity. Many of the original designs from 2010 are still in use today. Position 2 - Date of Creation: June 10, 2009 * Created by: (unknown); Current Head Administrators: defiex. fazaden. pez252. Address: was first established on June 10th in 2009, the day it was first launched just three days after Minecraft's unofficial release of 'Multiplayer, Version Classic 0.0.16a'. Survival mode was not available in Minecraft at this time. As minecraft survival games servers can see from the image above, a variety of creations from different time periods of Minecraft have been created on The server has had many different gamemodes added over time The oldest and most popular is the 'Creative' one which means that players don't have a health bar, but can fly, and can build whatever they want with their imagination. Although the server was built in the beginning, some argue that MinecraftOnline is a lot older than it was. This is due to the map having been reset several times throughout the years, meaning it's not the same place as it was 20 years ago. The Creative gamemode created by is currently at its 36th revision. It has been reset 35 times prior to that. In light of the server resets mentioned above it was decided that can't be considered the oldest server since the world it's in is still relatively new. Position 3 - MinecraftOnline Date of Creation 4 August 2010 Created By: SlowRiot Address: MinecraftOnline was first created on August 4th, 2010 and has since enjoyed the status of being the oldest server in Minecraft's history, given that it was created within an hour of Notch releasing survival multiplayer mode. Since then, astonishingly, the server has stayed in operation and hasn't been reset one time. But why doesn't it look like the cobblestone sludge that 2b2t is? It's amazing that MinecraftOnline has had a staff team since the beginning and, unlike 2b2t, MinecraftOnline has rules that players must follow. However, it's not always the case that players follow the rules though in the 12 years it has been running, over 43,000 players have been banned. It's not just that. The world's size (remember that it has never been reset) has grown to 26GB, just one world. Position 4 - 2b2t (2builders2tools) Created by: Hausemaster, georgebush420 Address: Date of Creation: December 1, 2010. * 2b2t is one of the most well-known Minecraft servers. Since it's founding on December 10, 2010, 2b2t has been infamous as an anarchy-based server, with a severe lacking of rules with thousands of players using hacked client systems, and an absence of friendliness, giving the server it's distinct, beaten-up landscape. What the server is probably most famous for though is its map, which, since it's creation, has never once been reset. This means that countless players have walked through the server throughout the years, leaving their marks on the server for ever. 2b2t was a steady stream of players during its beginning days. Over time it fluctuated between 10 and 80. The change came in June of 2016, however, when the well-known YouTuber TheCampingRusher uploaded his first video. The server is used by many other YouTubers, making 2b2t a highly popular website. The server had over 1000 active users in 2022 and it's not looking like that number will decrease anytime soon. These servers aren't the only servers dating back to 2011, but many other servers do as well. Not all servers have been around so long and Today, when Minecraft is gaining popularity, it's not just about the past. Minecraft Server Lists have also existed since this time and provide a list of the top Minecraft servers available. A server list (or server database) is an informational list of a server. This information typically includes information like the name of the server, its IP address, and ports.