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Minecraft now has a demo. Procrastinating excavators: you not have an excuse for skipping our favourite open-world game. Higher yet, it has branded cows that Notch made for us. Understand that these animals are specifically-programmed to act as voodoo cows: whenever you punch them, every Laptop Gamer editor feels a mild thud in their chest. Be gentle.Minecraft is a customisable beast. First, create a personalised skin or, if you are the lazy kind, download one of our favourite customized skins so you may look fly while building.Subsequent, install some Minecraft Mods . Minecraft is already large, however why not add airships, muskets and Pokemon ? It is virtually assured enjoyable.Lastly, try our record of the top Ten Minecraft creations and begin building!Download the Minecraft demo (4MB) right here.The demo is generous: each instrument, mineral and item is accessible, and you may dig, frolic, and construct in your world for ninety minutes before it "locks" and becomes uneditable. You possibly can create as many new worlds as you would like. Tell us what you are making--send us a screenshot of your demo world to Modded minecraft servers Also try a rundown of our 5 favourite Minecraft mods beneath.