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That is the second a toddler attempted to cross a stomach-churning 140ft high glass bridge above the Smoky Mountains, before rapidly regretting the move and international pharmacy turning back. Footage captured in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, exhibits the infant named Forest walk alongside the iconic SkyBridge, which stretches 680ft across the mountain vary, online medicine tablets shopping before taking a cautious step onto its glass viewing panels. The baby takes one look right down to the valley flooring, which lies 140ft under, and international pharmacy makes a swift U-turn. In the course of the clip, Forest can be heard being inspired to step onto the glass flooring of the landmark bridge, however shortly takes a couple of steps back. However the curious toddler decides to strive once more. He bends over and places his palms on the wood walkway and pivots around, as if reducing himself down some stairs. He then gingerly locations his feet on the glass ground and international pharmacy stands up - before taking a glance at the nail-biting drop under and deciding towards the transfer. Forrest steps back onto the wood walkway. Hurries back the best way he came. The Gatlinburg SkyBridge, which is 1,800ft above sea stage, is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in North America. Nestled in the nice Smoky Mountains, canadian pharmacy online the bridge is roughly 500ft above downtown Gatlinburg and international pharmacy provides tourists panoramic views of the mountain range rising alongside the Tennessee-North Carolina border. Final year the iconic bridge was forced to shut after the glass ground was cracked by a tourist. The customer had been trying to execute a 'baseball-style slide' throughout the glass ground when a metal object on their clothing chipped the glass. A spokesperson for the park later stated that incident did not have an effect on the structural integrity of the bridge and nobody was injured. international pharmacy